Going to schoolEdit

At 7:00am on Monday-Friday, wake up your teens and children and have them shower and eat breakfast. At 8:00, the bus comes, be sure to have your sims get on, or they'll have their grades lower!


Every day, your sims get homework, if they do it, their grades go up. If they do not, it is an option to do it in school.

Honor RollEdit

Mantain an A for a certain number of days in a row, and you'll be on the honor roll! These students get to pick their traits when they age up. Sometimes B students can too. C's get a random trait, and D's and F's get bad traits, like evil, unlucky and coward.

School can be a nice oppurtunity to meet new sims too! Just choose "meet new friends". After you've met a few friends, try clicking "talk to friends" and you'll build relationship with them. You may recieve a message telling you somebody will be coming over to your house, or your parent will have to sign a form saying their child can go to a certain family's house.